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EUROPA MEKANO (in development)


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"Bellbind And Fireweed". 2018. Solo piece.



"Highway Patrol". 2016. Early artwork from the development of The Electric State.



"We've got bandwidth". 2015. Originally made for Things From The Flood.



"The Course 1". 2015. Originally made for Things From The Flood.



"Spawning Event". 2016. One of the first pieces I made for what would later become The Electric State project.



Cover Art for the game No Man's Sky. 2015.



"Milk". 2016. Also a scrapped piece from The Electric State. This worked thematically well, I just couldn't figure out where it would fit in the narrative.



"Mutant Year Zero". 2015. Cover made for one of Free League's new editions of the classic 80s RPG "Mutant".



"Creatures Of The Fourth Quadrant". 2018. Artwork for a project that never really took off. I was hoping it would be my next book following "The Electric State", but for some reason I went to a much darker place with the sci fi horror "The Labyrinth" instead.



"Crystals and Casiowary". 2018. From the same project.



"Grand Theft Tyrannosaur". 2018. From the same project, but I specifically did this for a track I posted on Soundcloud with the same title.



"Ships Of The North 1". 2015. Originally made for Things From The Flood.



"Essoladan". 2015. Originally made for Things From The Flood.



"Ships Of The North 2". 2015. Originally made for Things From The Flood.



"Mutant Year Zero: Elysium". 2016. Cover made for one of Free League's new editions of the classic 80s RPG "Mutant".



"Oceans Back From The Brink". 2016. Commision work for Stockholm Resilience Center.



"Rime Of The Last Fisherman". 2016. Commision work for Stockholm Resilience Center.



"Rising Tide". 2016. Commision work for Stockholm Resilience Center.



"Missing Person". 2015. Originally made for Things From The Flood.



Cover art for the Things From The Flood RPG. 2018.



Control. 2019. One of three pieces Amazon commissioned for the promotion of the TV series based on Tales From The Loop. It's a remake of the cover of that book, incorporating the characters from the show. I actually visited set when they shot this particular scene! It was an amazingly weird feeling creating new artwork based on a live action scene that in itself was based on my old artwork.



Loop. 2019. Another promo piece for the Tales From The Loop TV series. The towers in the show are very similar to my original designs, so I could reuse my old sketchup 3D models that I did back in 2013 when I did this.



Echo Sphere. 2019. The third promo piece from Tales From The Loop TV series. This is my favorite episode and also my favorite of the promo pieces. For actor/character reference, I used a lot of set still photographer Jan Thijs photos. I met him on set and he was such a cool dude. He was sneaking around in the shadows, taking tonnes of amazing photos of the actors and sets every day. Those photos deserves to be published in a book of their own one day!



Cover art for the Tales From The Loop RPG from Free League Publishing. 2017. The towers are painted a little different than in the movie poster, and my idea was always that different paint jobs indicate different eras. And on top of that: the towers in the TV show are the towers of Mercer, Ohio, not the towers of the Mälarö facility...



2015. These are a series of artwork depicting a abandoned ecco sphere test course somewhere in the northern mountain regions of Sweden. It was supposed to be in Things From The Flood, but I couldn't fit it with the narrative as it evolved.






2016. This is another Electric State piece that never made it into the book. I really like this one. The boxy neurocaster design and the drain canals. The setting is based on a real location I visited in Boulder City, Nevada. Another little detail that I like is the kids baseball cap. It says "American Ronin" which is a reference to the X-Files episode "Pusher", where the main antagonist is kind of a loser who sees himself as a rogue samurai and reads a mercenary magazine called "American Ronin".



2016. Another early Electric State piece.



2016. While developing The Electric State, I started a whole series of pictures about a food clerk who ends up in the middle of nowhere while delivering a order.



2016. Also early Electric State. This one I did solely because I wanted to paint the old USPS Jeep.



2016. In the early stages of developing The Electric State, I had not yet come up with the whole neurocaster/drone-tech civil war backstory. The original idea was that a new type weapons of mass destruction had been used over US soil, and that some incredibly exotic matter was created as side effect of those weapons. This geologist here is just about to discover some of it. The working title was "Black Yield", reffering to said exotic matter. That's why all my Electric State art have a filename starting with "BY". It still pops up online when people post the images believing those letter is part of the artworks title, like "By warmachines" or "By dust", as in "made by" or something, when in fact, I don't really name individual artworks for my books, and the filenames are more or less the name of my photoshop documents. But it kind of works both ways I guess.



2018. This is supposed to be somewhere during the Hadean epoch of the Earth, when the planet was still very young and unstable. One problem with doing paleo art or artwork of deep time with some level of scientific credibility is that it's hard to get a sense of scale without any humans or human objects in the picture. So for years I have toyed with the idea of doing a book about natural history featuring a time traveling vehicle that is recognisibly man-made. I never got very far with it, but I did get around to build a all terrain vehicle in 3D, a design I later reused as the exploration vehicle for "The Labyrinth".





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